Penguins, Love, & Sisters

It’s been in my head all morning :]


This semester is going by way to faaastttt >.<
We’re close to October.

Can’t wait for the winter weather <3

Last Day @ Home

Well I guess it’s bitter/sweet.
I’ll miss coming home to my brothers/sister but hopefully I get to visit more often.
But I can’t wait to see what fall 2010 has in store for me :)


Spent the whole day tweeeking this :)
But it&#8217;s finally finished.Can&#8217;t wait for the Fall :)

  • Spent the whole day tweeeking this :)
  • But it’s finally finished.
    • Can’t wait for the Fall :)

it’s way to late.

i hate packing
i hate unpacking
i hate moving
i hate re-locating

but I’m oh so glad to be living on my own again ;)


When you delete people from your life that just dragged you down,
life is a little sweeter.

I love my inner circle :]

Hung out with Gareth & Jes was the best thing this summer <3

Two More Days :]

I guess this is the first time I actually want to leave Arizona.
There’s no way I can feel like I’m in “house arrest” anymore.
Although I will miss my dad, it’s time to go home :]

I miss my friends, brothers <3, sister, and momma.

I shall start packing :]

I will wait to find.

If this will last forever <3

College :]

I can’t wait for you to start :)


Is the only place where it’s okay for people to start their drinking binge early in the morning.

I’m ready to go home.
Not much of a spotlight person.

I don’t understand how you can smile all day long but cry yourself to sleep at night. How pictures never change but the people in them do. How your best friend can become your worst enemy, or how strange it is when your worst enemy turns into your best friend. How forever turns into a few short months that you’d do almost anything to get back. How you can let go of something you once said you couldn’t live without. How even though you know something is best for you, it just hurts the same. How the people who once wanted to spend every second with you, think a few minutes of their time is too much to spare. How people make promises despite knowing how common it is for promises to be broken. How people can erase you from their lives just because it’s easier than working things out.




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Lover Lover Lover

You don’t treat me no good no more :) 

If It's Love →



Day 02- The meaning behind your Tumblr name

First of all I’m so new to this tumblr thing.

I didn’t even know I had a tumblr name.
Bahahahah :)

It’s omgpattjonas.
Reallll lame, I know.

There’s only one meaning behind it.


The End  

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Interesting Facts :] 

1. I was born on St. Patrick’s Day, that as interesting as I get. 

2.  I’m the oldest out of 3. 

3. I secretly love the Ninja Turtles <3 

4. I love community service :) and I believe in “service with a smile”. 

5. I’m allergic to foundation & powder, god really didn’t want me to be a girl :)

6. I’m also allergic to wasp/bees. 

7. I’m addicted to smiley faces :) 

8. I have one amazing best friend :]

9. My major is nursing <3

10. I am a part of the best sorority in UTPA campus. Kappa Delta Chi <3

11. I get paid on the 10th of every month. LOL.

12. My parents are divorce, so I have the priveledge to have two homes. One in brownsville, the other in Arziona :]

13. I am simply happy with what life has brought me, even the bad. 

14. I’m to friendly.

15. I love myself more than anyone can :]